Our Philharmonic Orchestra concert programming consists of subscription Concerts, a family concert series, special events and a Third Grade Youth Concert. The year is capped with a free Memorial Day Concert at Joe Farmers Recreation Center in Allen ending with an impressive fireworks display.

We will look forward to seeing you at the concerts!

Below are the current members of the Allen Philharmonic Orchestra.




First Violin
Lucia Neaga
Marinda Bennion
Eileen Cason
Norma Jane Pyron
Irina Salazar
Rebecca Hamlen
Zoya Bochurko
Christina Harvey


2nd Violin
Jennifer Seagraves
Sharon Serrago
Teresa Lawrence
Heather Housley
Shirley Kochman
Julie Campbell
Becky Wilsford
Ann Grosshans


Beverly Marsh
Brandon Chandler
Grant Brenna
Marian Jacobs
Bree Penninger
Karen Straus
Amy Tecson


Oliver Schlaffer
Monika Bartley
Sue Ewing
Gary Keller
Kelle Kirschenmann
Carol Haskin
Daniel Moore
Scott Sheffler
Sean McNeil
Marisa Korth
Michael Rybiski


Julie Convery


Woody Rowand


Oboe/English Horn
Jennifer Fritz


Damien Gibson
Bonnie Dieckmann


Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Judy Altstatt



Jeff Strong
First Horn
Dan Serrago


Second Horn
Heather Test


Fourth Horn
Joanne Benitez


1st Trumpet
Kyle Johnson 


2nd Trumpet
Mike Rossi 


3rd Trumpet
Matt Anderson


1st Trombone
Josh Blankenship


2nd Trombone
Matt Boening 


Bass Trombone
Jeremiah Stones


Jeff Baker 


Chris Coltman 
John Bingaman 
Joe Reynolds


Bill Freeman

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